Workshop of Agile Methodology


Online Registration:

Date: 28 May 2021

Time: 9a.m. – 12p.m.

Venue: Come Know (Rm 701, Trust Centre, 912 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Lai Chi Kok, KLN)

(This workshop will be hosted in hybrid, the online link will be provided later)


  1. Omar Velasco, Business Agility Coach
  2. Bill Li, Enterprise Agile Coach/CST/MBA, founder of UPerform Agile Academy



8:45a.m. Registration

9:00a.m. Workshop part I

10:25a.m. Break

10:35a.m. Workshop part II

12:00p.m. End of workshop


Application on or before:21 May, 2021


Topic of the Online Workshop:


– Workshop part I

Omar Velasco, Business Agility Coach

Topic: Business Agility & Enterprise Agility



  1. Introductions
  2. What is Agile? principles and Values
  3. Why embarking in an Agile journey?
  4. Business Agility / Enterprise Agility: why, what, how
  5. Challenges
  6. Success Factors
  7. Assessing Readiness to embark on change. Assess your organization
  8. Leading the Change in the organization
  9. Aligning and Embracing Cultural values
  10. Where to Start and How?
  11. Define your approach
  12. Create your own high level



– Workshop part II

Bill Li, Enterprise Agile Coach/CST/MBA, founder of UPerform Agile Academy

Topic: Product Over Project (PoP): the True Agile Approach



  1. PoP: Start with the end in mind

– Outcome over Output: key metrics & perspectives on “Success”

– Key challenges in achieving “Success”

– The Art of Actions: 3 types of gaps in achieving “Success”

– Symptoms of common Agile BS


  1. PoP: the Product Backlog

– one single artifact- You need a whole picture view with purposeful visioning

– What different types of items you may pay special attention to

– Customer value versus Learning value

– Short term versus Long term

– Popular evolving tools/practices to create insights and backlog items


  1. PoP: the Product Owner

– true leader in value creation game

– The dragon boat metaphor

– Core competencies of a great Agile Product Owner

– Agility: the art of steering the boat in complex adaptive situation

– Customer Centric & Data Driven


  1. PoP: the Team

– engine of value creation game

– Key “engine” performance factors and metrics

– The co-creation game- DONE – build quality in- Sprinting- Unleashing the team power and wisdom by Liberating Str




1) Language: English

2) Capacity: 30

3) First priority will be given to those enterprises whose field is related to the theme and those who first participate.

4) First priority will be given to those target participants who are developers or operators in IT companies.

5) Each enterprise can arrange not more than 2 representatives to attend the event.

6) If the registration exceeds our limit, we can only be offered 1 capacity for each qualified enterprise.

7) Please bring along a notebook.

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