The Asian E-tailing Summit (AES) is your one-stop platform to keep abreast of the latest updates related to e-tailing industry, network with industry experts and connect with potential business partners. Globally renowned experts will offer insights on key topics such as how evolving e-tailing ecosystem fuels business growth and how Belt and Road Initiative drives cross-border e-commerce activities. Topics such as AI and Machine Learning, Big Data, Mobile Payments and Omni-channel will also be thoroughly discussed during the afternoon breakout and workshop sessions. More than 1,300 participants from Hong Kong, Chinese mainland and overseas are expected to be present at the Summit this year. Be part of this must-attend event for e-tailers!

「亞洲電子商貿峰會」是您獲取行業最新資訊、與行業專家交流以及尋找潛在業務夥 伴的一站式平台。 國際級的專家將就多個重要議題,包括「網上零售平台生態如何促 進業務發展及建立品牌」,以及「一帶一路倡議如何帶動跨境商貿」等提供真知灼見。 同時,人工智能和機械學習、大數據、流動付款、全渠道零售等議題亦將於下午專題 討論和工作坊時段進行深入討論。 峰會預計雲集超過 1,300名來自香港、中國內地及海外的電子商貿專才及商界領袖, 萬勿錯過此次電子商貿盛會!


日期: 2018年12月5日 (星期三)
時間: 09:30 – 17:30
主辦單位: tdclogo


正價 美金 120 / 港幣 940
早鳥優惠(於2018年10月31日或之前報名) 美金 84 / 港幣 660



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