Data Technology Hub in Hong Kong and what it means for omnichannel technology companies & retailing

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Data Technology Hub is a modern business infrastructure completely optimized for rapid and critical access and processing of data. Hong Kong has built infrastructure to play a key role in the data economy and drive industrial data upgrades.

With a data technology hub, businesses gain access to advanced analytics tools that enable them to forecast customer behavior, gather data from multiple sources, and segment customers appropriately. This hub also helps retailing companies improve their operations by providing them with data-driven insights related to product recommendations, store layout design etc.

Attend this seminar to learn about the current trend of data technology usage in Hong Kong, how reputable enterprises like AWS, SAP and Yoho are leveraging data technology via marketing automation, machine learning, and product recommendation systems to create highly personalized, automated shopping journeys for consumers and ecommerce operations:


  • Sindy Wong, Centre of Excellence, SAP Customer Experience, SAP
  • Yanwei Cui, Machine Learning Specialist, AWS
  • Louis Lo, Senior Manager, Strategy and Corporate Development, YOHO


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